Blog Writing as a Form of Self-Shaming for the Purpose of Self-Motivation

I have to admit something : today I did not completely stick to my goal. I wanted to approach three girls today and I did not. That is the purpose of this blog post – to make it public that I did not achieve this so that I am motivated to achieve it tomorrow.

TO BE FAIR I did complete my more relaxed goal of approaching A GIRL, which I am really proud of myself that I did.

I was at home during most of the day : I got my daily meditation, daily workout, daily macros, and daily Julien in (in every meaning of the word “in”… Giggity). Anyways, so I was planning to meet up with a really good/close old friend from high school. Since I had to do some remote work I only had time to go out once with him – either at night or during the day. He did not have much time tonight so we decided to go to a shisha lounge this afternoon. To get there I had to take a bus and the metro. On the bus there was pretty much no approach opportunities – the only girls on there were from my old high school, and since I did not recognize them I am assuming that they are below the age of 16. So, keeping with my standards, I did not even think about approaching. Then on the metro, there was this one good approach opportunity… I just had too many excuses as to why I should not do so. She left one stop before mine.Mistake number 1.

After that, I met up with my friend, walked to the lounge, and had an awesome time catching up. I had to come back for dinner (the purpose of my vacation is to see family after all) and since I was running late, I left with little time to spare for day-game – mistake number 2.

On the way back I started getting antsy because I knew I had to get an approach in or I would struggle to look at myself in the mirror. There were girls here and there but none of them within the range of my standards (even if I loosened them a bit). Then I saw her : glorious practice. She sat on the other side of the metro cab. At first, excuses were being thrown into my head left and right. And then, when the train had pulled up to a stop neither of us were getting off at, I told myself, “when the door closes and the beep goes off, you approach her”.

That’s exactly what I did. I got up off my seat across from her and sat down right next to her. “Hi, do you speak English?” “Yes,” she laughed. “My name is [J2], what’s your name?” She smiles and shakes my hand “I am Dominka”. “Are you a student here?” “No.” I get confused. “Wait, how old are you.” “29”. G-fucking-G. She was nice, but not cool/cute enough to get me past the fact that she is 9 years older than me – maybe I am just being judgemental, or maybe I am just limiting myself/ giving myself excuses as opposed to playing to win. I laugh after her response and we vibe for a bit more. Happy I got my approach in, I say “bye” and get off at my stop.


+ got an approach in even though I had limited time to do so

need to work on:

–>  approaching during the day even if I am worried I am bothering the person/ distracting them from what they are doing

–> going for contact information if a pull is not going to happen (which it definitely wasn’t due to my own logistics today)

–> ? Getting over age differences when the girl is a lot older than me ? (let me know if this is something I should actually work on, or am I justified in my decision?)


Getting Teased in East Village

After catching  dinner with old friends in Morningside Heights, the night begins.

We subway down to 212 Hisae’s to get the tempo started but it’s packed. A no-go. I then get a text from my wing H about The Penny Farthing and Phebe’s being good in the Village area. We get to Penny and half our group gets in, but the other half doesn’t. We then all leave to check out surrounding bars in the area but they’re either dead or have patrons who I could’ve sworn made an appearance on To Catch a Predator. My fake is quite ass with its noticeable crease right down the middle, but I’ve got better ones coming in the mail. God bless bitcoin.

While walking, we run into K’s wing and he tags along. I get a surge of state. We then make a pitstop to get food at a hotdog stand. While waiting, I notice a cute dirty blonde walking my way. “Excuse me, I have to go meet friends for a drink, but you’ve caught my attention. Who are you”, I calmly say. She thanks me for being direct and hooks. “I like the scarf and nose ring. You must be an art student”. She is and is impressed. I follow-up with cold-reading her personality and qualifying her. We vibe well. I ask what she’s up to and she’s on her way to Webster Hall. Bleh. “Well, I’m heading in that direction, but *noticeably check her out from head to toe* I want to see if you’re as interesting as I think you are. Do you text” I say. “Yes. Grab my number”. We exchange and I text her my name with a witty description of what I was wearing. She responds immediately with, “Haha got it”, and I’m feeling fucking good. Before, I was hesitant to blatantly approach on the street with my friends watching, but I realized at one point I need to weigh my values. Do I value more about growing and potentially meeting a really cool girl, or what my friends think of me for about 5 minutes? I need to ask myself more often whether what I’m doing is getting me further in life. We eventually get to Phebe’s and I realize I’ve been here before over winter break. We get in, there’s music blasting, and the ratio’s fire. Fuck yeah.

It’s 11:30, and I’m initially overly judgmental and try to come off suave in my interactions, but then cut that shit out. I open a 3-set of Jewish girls first, vibe with them about finding them husbands in the bar, and leave on a high note. I open a group of 3 girls and 1 dude telling one of the cuter girls she looks Persian. She hooks, I cold read the other 2 chicks’ backgrounds, and the dude hilariously proclaims he’s a Turkish Jew. We vibe well but I eventually leave because my wing K and his wing lock in. I should’ve number closed since it was still the first part of the night. I then open two older women with my wing K. I’m on the more nutritionally undisciplined one and K’s on the cougar former sorority girl looking one. Ms. Nutritionally Undisciplined seems very neutral leaning on the cold side and put off by my vibing. K and I switch girls and Ms. Cougar hooks immediately when I say, “You definitely look like you went to Syracuse and were Alpha Phi or Tri Delt”. She laughs and tells me she wasn’t in Greek life. We vibe exceptionally well, I learn she’s a college counselor, and she gives IOIs with classic hair flips and what not. However, K starts self-amusing too much with the rather large ball of woman and gets blown out. The large mass of human then takes her friend from me, gives me a stern shaking of the head, and leaves. K drank way too fucking much tonight and was as uncalibrated as Hellen Keller during an eye exam. If K keeps drinking so much, I’ll have to stop going out with him. He’s a great friend, but he won’t grow and neither will I. Throughout the night at Phebe’s, none of the girls I open ignore me, only a few hook, and most are neutral towards my banter but don’t reciprocate. I can attribute the low amount of hooks to the environment favoring physicality and my not plowing enough. I need to plow while finding that perfect mix of qualifying the girl while not having a stick up my ass and still having fun.

It’s 12:00, and after spotting 3 blondes to my right, I go up open them with one of my high school friends S. They respond receptively and we vibe about their jobs, fashion, and background. She nicknames me KevJumba so I nickname her Brittney. The vibe starts dying after more chitchat so we bid farewell. My wing H finally gets in and I give him a big hug of reunion. I feel a surge of state. I reopen later with H and ask for logistics for the ring leader blonde. She says she has to wake up early and lives in Brooklyn. I suggest we SC exchange but she politely declines. I suggest we exchange numbers but she politely declines again. I move over to the arguably hotter blonde who’s half-Irish half-Lebanese. She hooks as well and I tell her her new nickname is Pamela. After the vibe dies down again, I leave. Later in the night, I reopen, tell her I have to go meet friends, and suggest we SC exchange. She complies. Reopening is fucking powerful and sets you apart from most chodes. I then open some circles of girls with S, groups consisting anywhere from 3 to 5 people. One circle hooks when I cold read that they go to school at NYU. Their blonde friend then comes in and throws IOIs at my immediately, asking me where I go to school and what I study. I respond back, neg her for being preppy, and continue throwing bits of physicality in there. At a certain point, it seems like the set stagnated as she said she had to go meet friends. In the moment, I felt helpless, but now, I should have fucking moved her to the bar area. A simple, “Tell your friends we’re going to go get some water” would have done the fucking trick. When the vibe starts dying, fucking move the girl. I’ll say that one more time. When the vibe starts dying, fucking move the girl. Capeesh? Another thing I’ve come to realize is that, although S isn’t into game, he’s a natural. He understands basic fundamentals of vibing already just from past relationships and a good upbringing. That just cemented that the soul primes above all else. Your opener or spin handshake isn’t going to get her panties wet.

It’s 1:00 and I open a mixed set with H. 2 girls and a guy. We each get on a girl. My blonde cougar hooks fairly quickly when I simply extend my hand and introduce myself. I cold read she looks like she went to a liberal arts school and grew up in the Northeast. She laughs and closes distance when I tell her she looks like she’s in fashion. She gives me a platonic pat on the back followed by a, “You’re too nice. Thank you”. Fuck that shit. I don’t want to be her nice provider boy. I want to be the man who ravages her so that she’ll have a story to tell her fucking grandkids about how she flooded NYC when I made her squirt. Next time I sense she’s putting me in the provider role, a simple, “Fuck you, who are you” will get her back in my reality. Calibration, motherfucker. She then runs off to get drinks. Predictable. She didn’t find me sexually arousing anymore. Later on, I walk to the entrance to call K and I catch her staring at me. I stare back and she looks away after a second too long. I don’t open though because of a bullshit sense of feeling blasé and not needing her. Obviously, I shouldn’t do nonsensical shit, but I also need to stop putting my ego on a pedestal. I’ve watched enough fucking infield to know what the right thing to do is.

It’s 2:00 and H and I step outside to debrief. I notice a cute brunette walking by and say “Excuse me”. She ignores. “Excuse me” once again. She ignore. “Let me show you how it’s fucking done”, proclaims H. He follows her off into the distance and I vibe with some people standing outside and a bouncer at an adjacent bar. H comes back. “I got the number, motherfucker.” Damn, I thought to myself. Plowing really is key. If she isn’t telling you to fuck off, stay in set. We discuss how we did well with our given skillsets in such a loud venue. We both have strong verbal game, so being in such a chaotic environment demands more physicality and moving, less talking. H also told me how Todd almost always pulls in the first part of the night: his verbal game is his strong point and the first part of the night favors verbal game. We also discuss plowing and making that subject judgment call on when to know to throw in the towel on a set. At the end of the day, it comes down to how horny you are and how bad you want it.

It’s 2:30, and just as we’re wrapping up, I notice a stunner blonde in black leather jacket walk by with her friend in a cheetah coat. I size them up and then go. “Excuse me, I have to go meet my friends for a drink but you caught my attention”, I say. “I’m sorry?”, she responds. “I know this is random, some dude just coming up and chatting you up. But you intrigue me. What’s your story, who are you”, I follow up. “Haha, nice to meet you”, she responds , introduces herself, and hooks. I tell her I love her all-black look, that her jacket is dope, and that they look like they came from Meatpacking District. We stop to chat and I cold read the friend as seeming amused at watching us talk. The friend laughs and isn’t an obstacle. H then comes in and wings, talking to the friend. We continue vibing about our nights, their gay friend who looks like G-Eazy comes in for a bit, and I tell leather jacket girl she needs to help me find ripped jeans. I ask what they’re up to and she says they’re getting Halal Guys. “You should come with us!”, she suggests. Holy shit I can pull this girl, I realize: maybe to her place or my car. I explain my predicament of having to drive my friends back home, and she suggests we exchange numbers. She almost seemed like she was helping me pull her. H texts me that she seems down and I should leave my friends behind in Phebe’s and go with them while he’d wing me. I feel conflicted and teased by this golden set that appeared at the end of the night. So this is what the third part of the night feels like. Fuck it. I call my friends, tell them to meet us at Halal Guys, and then walk with the girls for a bit. We continue chatting about the city and Kanye. I then realize the set is too improbable for a pull and my friends need a ride back home. I tell the girls my parenting duties as a friend call me, hug her goodbye, and she suggests we go shopping for ripped jeans for me. Holy shit, a girl seeding date ideas for me. Fuck yeah. We leave, and I don’t feel the slightest tinge of regret because I know I stuck by my principles and there’s probably hundreds if not thousands of other girls like her in the city. I felt at the cause of my growth and not the effect. I have the skills to not depend on a limited pool of women. The sky is the limit. From the earlier nose ring girl and this ripped jeans shopping girl, I come to realize verbal game is my strength and quieter environments are where I thrive: daygame, streets, and rooftop venues/lounges. That just means I need to nurture this skillset while also developing my physicality and sexual energy in louder chaotic venues.

I meet up with my school friends, grab pizza with them, and H tags along for a bit before parting since we couldn’t talk about game in front of them. We Uber back to my car and the night concludes. I want to set up day 2s with both girls preferably on the same weekday this upcoming week and daygame in-between the dates. As I’m typing this now, I decided to follow-up text before going to bed rather than tomorrow nose ring girl that she’s intrigued me about artistic girls wearing nose rings. She double texts me after I don’t respond to her first text. I get a boner and that just shows me how much more abundant I need to get. Nevertheless, I want to rendezvous with her this week.


  • +
    • Good street sets
    • Good opening high volume in Phebe’s
    • Good texting nose ring girl and ripped jeans girl before going to bed, rather than after waking up next day
  • ->
    • Solidify date in street sets before getting the number
    • Be aware of the part of the night and play to win accordingly
    • Move the girl when the vibe starts dying
    • Calibrate both when she’s put off because you’re too arrogant and because you’re too nice

Airport : Lowkey Practice

Since I have committed to approaching at least one set every single day this summer – that means I fucking approach when I’m tired, worn out, jet-lagged, and hungry at the airport. Disclaimer: I have had no sleep (overnight flight) so this post may be a bit messy.

Before I get into the three approaches I did, I have to say that approaching while worn-out is surprisingly energizing. Getting yourself to start feels like a chore, but once you’re in it, you get this new wind of energy and presence that’s quite refreshing – especially, when you’re running around with your hair on fire trying to make all your connections.

The first approach I did were these two girls from my university. One of them I lowkey have a thing for but never got the chance to talk to her during the year. I was pretty nervous to open, but once I did there was instant attraction from the one I liked (many giggles, smiles and trying for rapport). Unfortunately for me, they were late to their flight and they were in the wrong terminal. So I had to let them bounce because I didn’t want to ruin their travel plans (especially because if I do, then I deal with seeing them again on campus) – I don’t know, maybe I’m just not giving myself enough permission.

So after that approach, I get through security and there are just Asian-Asians everywhere (flights to Beijing and Shanghai). If you know me, you know that this is like walking into a playground. The only awkward part for me is that because I look white (I am part Asian), I feel like too much of an outsider to approach when they are in large groups. I don’t want to feel like I’m “intruding with my whiteness” – yes, my university conditioned me to think this way. I end up getting past this and I approach a chill two-set at a food stand. We vibe for a bit, but once I get my food, I bounce. I think at that point I was just really happy I approached and got a bit of practice in. I probably should have gone for the contact information.

I also ended up approaching this other student from my university, that I had never talked to before, after my first flight. It had a more platonic vibe to it (she used to be friends with my ex and she could be used for social circle purposes later due to her strong relationships in the french community on campus). We ended up getting breakfast, talking about a variety of topics from how the school year went to our different non-vanilla sexual experiences. Saucy. We exchanged contact information and talked till she boarded her flight. I have a feeling we will become good (at least decent) friends next semester.

All in all, I am happy I got out of my comfort zone despite feeling stressed-TF-out. I also learned that game can be very therapeutic in the sense that it gets you focused on the Now and on my larger goals – it makes the current stress seem small.


+ Approached while out of state + during the day (not usual for me)

+ Potential social circle expansion

  • Game is theraputic when stressed

-> need to work on giving myself permission to approach

–> need to work on making sure I get contact information at the very least if I cannot pull

Colo Nights

This post is my perspective of 711’s post “The Last Night Out in Providence”.

Let’s start Friday night: I was in the ER due to intense strep throat – I could hardly talk, eat, drink or sleep. I was not planning on going out Saturday night. One penicillin shot to the ass and a day of rest later I felt good enough (and no longer contagious) so I hit up my boy 711 like “Yo, let’s go the fuck out tonight.”

Shortly after we hit up the club. I do my usual “Daddy’s Home!” yell to help get me out of my head (and to self-amuse). There was a 3-set behind us entering the club. Too many excuses got thrown in my way and I failed to approach. That started shoving me back in my head. Despite that I approached a solid two set. We hit it off really fast – unfortunately, one of the girls was nutritionally challenged – and so after a while of vibing and dancing, trying to merge the set with another (the other set died quickly), 711 and I decided to grab their contact information and bounce.

This was the beginning of me getting shoved back in my head. 711 started approaching left and right like a boss and I would follow in like a chode. I hardly talked and I didn’t know what to say because I was setting the bar too high for my own opener (I’m used to being the first to approach and have a low bar for that opener) – this just put me in a downward state spiral. Awkwardness began to take over me.

My awkwardness was okay at the time because 711 needed me to distract the nutritionally-challanged friend of a girl he had hooked. I had fun making jokes with her but she was annoying as hell to deal with. As soon as I wasn’t being flirty with her / did not let her come on to me (she would put her arm on me, grab my hand, try to get closer) she would immediately grab her friend and pull her away from 711. I took it for about 30-45 minutes before they decide to go the bathroom. When we went for the re-approach after she ruined 711’s set by pulling her away before he could even say hi. Perhaps I could have wing-manned better by letting her come onto me more, but I was not attracted to this person what-so-ever and I had to balance my own needs with my wings.

711 and I then decided to go to the outdoor area to see what’s up. There was this one girl on the balcony who was cute – not exactly my type, but at this point, I just needed to get out of my head. I took a deep breath, embraced that I am super awkward right now and said hi. She said hi back and did not give me much to work with – this was a good thing because it forced me to really embrace my awkwardness and plow forward. After a while, I start vibing and being more present. I show her pictures of my dog, she shows me pictures of hers. Flirtatious banter built up and then I moved her to the dance floor. We dance a bit and then she leaves to go see her friends. I am not sure if its because her friends signaled for her to come over or because I was doing something wrong – perhaps I was not being man-to-woman enough on the dance floor (I wasn’t being too physical).

After that I meet back up with 711. We approach an attractive group set. I open this one girl named Jill and made a joke about our names. Then her cute cousin opens me and starts coming on really hard. We exchange contact information as her friend (that 711 referenced in his post) begins pulling her away. We approach a couple other mixed group sets. I ended up hooking this one half black half white girl who was very cutsie. I pull her to the dance floor and we start dancing. I can tell she wants to be more physical but everytime I try to escalate, she steps back. I could not figure out what was going on exactly, but when we went back to her group of friends she introduced me to her brother. At that moment I felt like such a baller because I approached in front of her older brother shamelessly. I befriend the brother and get the girls contact information – it was pretty clear at that point that she did not feel comfortable doing anything in front of him.

711 and I then go and reproach the large group of girls. I end up hooking another girl and we exchanged contact information before the same friend pulls her away. We bounce shortly aftewards.

Despite the rough middle, the night ended well with me hooking a good amount of girls (what my main focus is right now). The moral of the story is to accept whatever state you find yourself in and keep pushing forward. If you feel super awkward, that is fine! If you feel angry, that is okay too! Its just time for super awkward and pissed-off style game. The faster you embrace and game in that style, the faster you get back into state. The thing I wish I worked on more that night is logistic screening – had I known that the one girls brother was right there, I would have moved her out of eye-sight from him to decrease pressure on her.



+ Accepted my bad state and got back into state

+ Was more at ease during my approaches + more fun -> more hooking

+ stayed in set with girls that were being pulled away from me (making sure to get their contact information for later)

-> Work on accepting bad state earlier on so I can get out of it faster / just learn to game really well in that state

-> Work on screening for logistics earlier on (especially the relationship between the girl I’m talking to and guys in her group)

-> Lower my bar for openers when I am approaching after my wing

The Last Night Out in Providence

This did not happen tonight. It happened last Saturday before finals shit hit the fan so J2 and I decided to go out one last time.

Originally, I did not plan on going out because I had no wing. I viewed game as a chore on my own and not something enjoyable. That still is something I need to change fundamentally and make that mental shift. However, I get a call from J2 around 9 pm and immediately get hyped. We’re going fucking out.

We get in for $5 instead of $10 because we bring up our promotor friend’s name.

At 11:30, it’s very fucking slow with a sea of dudes and some fat chicks. J2 open 2 girls, one decent and one nutritionally undisciplined. We vibe well and I eventually merge them into a distant group of 4 girls by asking them how they pronounce “Dunkin Donuts”. The merging goes well but dies after I don’t introduce the 2 sets to each other. We Snapchat exchange the original two and dip as the vibe starts dying. J2 then opens a girl from another night and we vibe with that group for a bit.

I then notice 2 girls front-grinding on each other in the distance and walk over casually. “That’s very good. Keep up the good work”, I say to them. They laugh and I follow up with a “You guys look like you go to PC or JWU”. The Italian-looking white blouse girl reciprocates and I cold-read she’s Catholic: she is and hooks. J2 then comes in and wings the other friend before they’re dragged away in a big group of 6. There aren’t any decent sets left so we walk around opening shit left and right to keep in the flow. I ask a security guard for his arm workout because he has huge bis and tris.

At 12:30, more people begin pooling in and the second half of the night is beginning slowly but surely. I open a 2-set of one decent girl and yet another nutritionally undisciplined girl by going from behind to in front of them and saying “You guys look like you go to PC”. They reciprocate excitingly and hook. The decent brunette one goes to some South Carolina school her rather large friend goes to UMass Amherst. They ask my age with token interest and I tell them I’m 20 because it’s relatable. SC chick closes space and puts her arm around me when I lean in to tell my age. I reciprocate by wrapping mine around her and gently resting my hands right above her ass. She reciprocates by squeezing tightly and I realize I can pull her.

I commit.

Their logistics are that: 1. they’re here together and are best friends, 2. they’re not sure what they’re doing later that night and I didn’t bother asking them about tomorrow since I’d be studying, and 3. they live a far commute away in Mass. I forgot to ask about 4. how they’re getting home and 5. whether she has roommates. When moving my girl to the bar, I make the mistake of telling the fat friend we’re going. Next time, I should let my girl do all the work since it’s more relatable than a random guy asserting he’s taking her friend away. The friend doesn’t let her leave because their phones are on low battery (smell that? it’s bullshit), so I suggest all 4 of us go the bar. She complies and we go. After more vibing and building report, I realize I didn’t buy any drink and my girl didn’t even care. It proved I don’t need to pay shit and the girls who do care aren’t worth the time of day.

J2 then suggests all 4 of us go to the dance floor, a fucking smart move since the vibe was getting slow. When we get there, I feel it’s on with my girl but don’t escalate since I feel the friend is watching. J2 tells me to distract the friend, and I pull my girl to a nearby pillar and start making out. When I start fingering her through her dress, she stops making out and looks me dead in the eye. I take that step back, tell her we don’t do anything we’re not comfortable with since I’m a nice civilized boy, and we resume making out. While tasting her bland lips, I get the thought to pull away but feel especially horny so I savor it. I need to remember I’m at the bar/club to take a girl home, not to fucking kiss her. Moreover, if I’m positive she’s into me, it’s better not to makeup to build tension and increase the chance for the pull. We continue for a few minutes before she pulls away to check her phone. I number close after realizing the friend is a huge logistical obstacle to puling. When I commit to a girl, I need to get rid of getting the phone number as a prospect and only do so before she leaves and there was no pull. I then ask what they’re up to and she say’s they’re not sure. I suggest we go get food, and she’s down, but then my girl asks if we can go in 10 minutes. I say sure, and they run off to the bathroom. J2 and I chill near the bar waiting for them to come out. J2 then spots them on the dance floor after a bit. I start walking back to my girl and the two of them run away immediately. Next time, when the girls aren’t ready to leave the venue, I need to move them to a seating area in the club or outside to chill. We move out of the club after enough time and comfort.

I reopen Catholic girl a few times, find out she’s Syrian (holy shit, a shiny Pokemon), and do low investment vibing. I don’t ask for logistics because I assume it’s a no-go with the big friend group. The big group actually helps, but there was one particularly bitchy friend. I SC close and bid farewell, but next time need to stay longer no matter what.

At 1:15, people start to leave. We open some sets on the dance floor and near a stripper pole. I jump on the pole and start humping it to a group nearby before a bouncer comes over. We open what’s left before Ubering back to campus.


  • +
    • Committed to Carolina chick during second part of the night
    • Asked for logistics and played to win
  • ->
    • Move them around more in venue if they’re not ready to leave
    • Read the tempo of the conversation better and know when spikes are needed and flatline is
      • This comes with going out more
    • Commit to a new girl (Catholic Syrian girl), by asking the 5 logistics questions if previously committed girl leaves

So It Begins

As school was wrapping up and kids went into Kurt-Cobain-level depression over finals, J2 told me that we should start a blog.

It’d “make sure we stick to our goals bc now they are publicly known”, he texted. What a brilliant fucking idea.

I’d been reading Out in Black for a while now and found Leon’s work there inspirational. It’s one thing to watch Julien’s videos on the best opener to use or how to have a threesome, but it’s another to read about someone else who’s also learning.

As J2 and I post our thoughts or field reports, we hope you learn from our mistakes, laugh at our shenanigans, and celebrate our successes. More importantly, we hope to be more committed to doing what it takes to get there by creating this site: to setting ourselves up for an upward spiraling path of growth and going through the biggest fucking expansion phase the world has ever seen since that one guy landed on the moon or when whey protein was formulated.

As I’m sitting here in my living room, sweaty from a great chest and triceps workout, I’m fucking stoked for all of the inconceivable adventures that will be lived out and documented here.