Play to Win

I pulled again. Let me start from the beginning.

I take the metro to go downtown to meet my friends. I see this Asian girl across from me at the metro. Time to sacrifice the lamb. At first, it was really awkward to approach so I promised myself I would when we reach the next stop. Then she put earphones in. So many excuses flew into my head, but Julien’s voice broke through all of them: do it for the reference. She hooks. We vibe till we get off at the same stop. We exchange social media and then parted. (Update: we are setting up a date for Tuesday night right now – FOLLOW UP ON YOUR NUMBERS EVEN IF YOU THINK THEY WILL FLAKE).

So I meet up with IA (the good friend mentioned in past posts) and we get a table at this one hip hop club. I walk in and there’s a full table of Vietnamese girls. I thought it was my birthday.

I send the first part the night socializing with IA’s brothers and high school friends. We get a couple bottles for fun. Once I am having a really time IA tells me we should go fishing (bring back girls to the table). At first, I am resistant because I am having so much fun, but then I say fuck it and we go.

As soon as I get close to the bar I approach this two set of Vietnamese girls. IA wings me for a bit but then I tell him I can handle both of them since the friend supported me. I get the friend to qualify “the target” [Ivy] (I hate the word “target” but I will use it for the sake of ease) and things go well – she is pretty distant in general though. We dance for a bit and I get them drinks from my table (at some point I think I actually paid my friend 5 bucks to refill my cup so that I didn’t have to leave my spot). But Ivy was still really cold to me – she would give me mild IOIs and express interest but she was resisting pretty steadily throughout. She told me she was into me but since her ex was there she didn’t want to be physical. I get their contact details and continue plowing. At some point, they talk to my good friend B, and he tells me she never broke up with her ex. I’m confused and I end up talking to the ex. He said it was cool for me to hit her up (chill dude). Anyways, after that, I spin hug Ivy, she giggles, but then my stomach just starts hurting like crazy – the pressure set something off. I run to the bathroom and make myself throw up until I feel better.

I come out after washing my hands and mouth and I approach the first set I see – a girl named Vera. Instantly hooks. My friends want to go to another club with me so I tell her to come with. She complies. Halfway to the club, I tell her to come with me on an adventure. She says she should go back to her friend but I assure her we will be back in 20 minutes and she does not need to worry. She follows. The trick to most of this is satisfying the logical layer while still playing the emotional one. One move I really like to do is putting my hand on my hip with my arm out and tap my elbow until she intertwined hers with mine. Be patient. You will be rewarded. We start hooking up when we get to a more private area but she’s pretty resistant since she’s not from Prague and is staying with her friend (and does not have her phone on her).

We end up heading back and meeting her friend outside the club. At this point, I focus on winning the friend and we end up hitting it off. I said I will walk back with them to make sure Vera gets there safely. I also mentioned that I need to use the bathroom (seed the pull).  The friend is super cool with everything. This happened because I partly got lucky that the friend is chill, but it is also because I won her over and got her to like/trust me. So we get to the apartment and I use the bathroom like I said. The friend starts a Skype call with her ex and chills in the living room – she lowkey signaled that we can use the bedroom. This is why winning the friend can be so key. Vera and I start hooking up again but she still worries about her friend. I tell her she’s asleep on the couch to calm her down and then I continue turning her on. After a while of making out she ends up going down on me – we would have sex but neither of us has protection (I stopped bringing protection out because it put too much pressure on me to pull, which would make me too outcome dependent – at first this was not a problem because I was not pulling, but I think I should bring one now and just pretend I don’t have it till I need it). About after a minute of me finishing, her friend bursts in to sleep in her bed. I put my shoes on, kiss Vera goodbye and take public home since it is 6 AM.


+ plowed in the face of difficulty

+ approached even though I felt like shit (after throwing up)

+ stayed in set and won over the friend to make our bad logistics work (did not give up -> played to win)

+ approached with the mindset of proving my preconceived notions wrong and was pleasantly surprised

+ approached on public transport which I am not comfortable with doing

+ Setting up day 2 as I write this post with the first girl

–> be less value seeking (I started off that way with Ivy – was not fully out of my head)


Virginia Beach Day 2: Uncovering Sticking Points

Today was feeling confident and empowered daygaming on the beach and significantly less so nightgaming at the bars. Let’s begin.

After finding safe haven in the bathroom for morning meditation and frame reading, I hit the beach to join the boys who are eating at Mahi Mah’s. We wrap up and walk to the sand. I notice a blonde chick sitting on a chair next to a friend in the distance. I go over, open direct, find out their logistics, try to set up a tea date tomorrow, and exchange numbers. My friends observe from a distance and ask me about my success rate and how I do it. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve grown in the past year. We chill a bit, and then I notice two chicks lying down to my right in the distance. Same routine. Direct open, statement of empathy, befriend the friend, and find out logistics. My girl, we’ll call her tattoo girl, tells me her and her friend are leaving tomorrow but want to know what places are good tonight. We exchange numbers and plan to meet. The first blonde chick ignores my text but tattoo girl tells me her and her friend want to go out with us tonight. I sense I can pull her easily later that night. Later, I open a girl whose boyfriend later joins us after coming out of a bathroom stall, a girl who’s working at an amusement park and turns out to be 16, and a girl whose with her dog and whose boyfriend later joins us. If I had known the circumstances before opening, I would not have, but I’m glad I did not. These sets proved nothing bad happened despite intimidating/unideal circumstances.

After getting back to the house, chilling, and then eating dinner, we start the night. Tattoo girl wants to know where we’re going and I start feeling entitled to pulling her.

At 10:30, we walk by The Shack which we had checked out earlier that day. Security is tight and there are cops near the entrance. That’s a no-go with my shitty fake. We find some Ohio girls along the way and chat them up. They’re not hooked enough and are on their way back to their hotel so we bid farewell.

At 11:00, BK, J, and I try Calypso and it’s decent but everyone is there together. I chat up a Russian-looking chick who introduces me and BK to her boyfriend and other friends. We chat for a bit so I can get into a social mood but I still feel in my head. I get a text from tattoo girl and they’re here. BK and I go over to meet them. I commit instinctively this early on in the night because I sense she’s hooked and wants to fuck me already. As a direct result, my vibing with her at Calypso’s and later at LunaSea is not man-to-woman whatsoever. We later move to LunaSea and it’s fucking packed. In hindsight, even though LunaSea is a nice bar, we should have gone to a venue closer to the AirBnB. Logistics trump everything. We start at the outdoor bar and move around and continue our boring redundant banter. I make no attempts to isolate my girl and do not escalate at all. In fact, I went backwards from when I first opened her during the day. During the day, my direct approach sexualized the conversation and moved it forward at lightning speed. At night, the progress I made during the day began to recede because I wasn’t as sexual and assumed she would just go home with me because of my daytime approach. I played to win by moving her and her friend around a lot and committing to her, but I was not sexual enough and did not even attempt to isolate her from her friend. Now, I understand that when its a 2-set, it’s tough to isolate the girl from her friend, but BK could have easily distracted the friend or I could have found some guy to throw onto the friend. If she didn’t want to leave her friend, I should have committed to a new girl right away in the packed venue because that set would have been a dead-end. I’ll never know though because I didn’t even try to isolate her. We eventually Uber back to our AirBnB because of an “afterparty” there, and the girls don’t seem excited at all but go with us nonetheless. Upon arriving, S entertains them and essentially becomes the center of their attention. He tries to pull tattoo girl at one point. I was pissed off in the moment because he didn’t understand basic winging etiquette, but I deserved it. Tattoo girl not investing in me was a direct result of my lack of sexualization. I direct them out of the AirBnB to a pizza joint and walk with them for a little to leave them on a good note. We hug goodbye, and I reflect on everything that happened in that long-ass set. Although the set lasted 3 fucking hours, my inability to move the interaction forward was my ultimate downfall tonight. I just assumed tattoo girl would go home with me without following basic principles. I got arrogant and presumptuous. Hooking is fairly second nature to me now, but vibing and closing are my motherfucking sticking points. I’m weak in closing especially just because I don’t do it often enough.

I’m fucking starving for more reference experiences.


  • +
    • Strong daygame opening
    • Strong verbal game
    • Hooking more
  • ->
    • Sexualize that shit
    • Isolate your girl
    • Commit to a new girl if current girl not going to work out

Reconnecting and Escorts

So the past two nights I spent mostly reconnecting with people from my high school. It is the most bizarre feeling because I got into “the game” second-semester 11th grade, and really just separated myself socially from people in my grade till… well this trip back to Prague. At the time I needed to find myself and I could not let their preconceived notions of who “J2 is supposed to be” hold me back. Anyways, I am having a great time reconnecting with them as a more “updated version of myself” (that is still in the process of his biggest update yet) – but, obviously, I still feel a bit hindered by how they used to view me (I feel like I’m put into that old frame since so many of them see me that way, and if I’m not careful I slip into it).

Anywho while I have been practicing social circle skills (being a good listener, not losing my frame, being gregarious, building a network), I have been lacking in cold approach practice. I did two small sets last night.

The main set I did was this set of absolutely beautiful young girls at a table next to us at a bar. There were like 6-8 of them and two really old beer-bellied dudes. At first, I thought it could just be really good game, but then I noticed that most of the girls’ body language was telling me they were disinterested in them (sitting with their backs to them but turning their heads to give them attention). So when the guys left, I tapped one of them on the shoulder (the one I found most attractive) and asked her what was going on over here because I was genuinely curious. She tells me to keep my curiosity back at my table in a very stern voice. I did not let this phase me and I vibe for a bit, but it was pretty clear that no matter how much I plowed she wanted me gone before the guys came back. I later found out that they were paid to be with them – not even to sleep with them (I am assuming because I saw the guys go their separate ways without girls after). I am starting to get exposed to the wacky world where girls my age are paid to hang out with guys. It’s quite sad but also it shows me the importance of building a social circle to get access to these really attractive girls who you would not find anywhere else (because they only go where they are paid to go).

So despite that not going well, it got me out of my head and I got a big rush of state. Right before we leave, this one decently cute blonde Czech girl walked passed me to go to the bathroom. She gives me a look and I ask her what her name is. She stops briefly, shakes my hand, and tells me her name. Then she continues walking to the bathroom. I really need to square up next time and be more authoritative with my approach. My (passive) body language basically communicated to her that I was less important than her going to the bathroom, and thus low-value. I guess it did not communicate as much low-value as stopping her from a needy, attention-seeking, place inside me – but I need to move up a tier nevertheless. I really need to work on feeling like I offer so much value (by being real, calibrating after the fact, and wanting nothing from anyone else) that if I don’t stop this girl to meet me, I would be doing her a disservice.


+ Interesting new reference experiences by saying “fuck it, let’s find out”

–> Do not be afraid to be authoritative – offer so much value you’re scared of them missing out on you

–> Be less afraid to approach in front of your old high school friends

Virginia Beach: Miami Beach’s Autistic Cousin

Some high school friends and I planned a trip to Virginia Beach and are AirBnBing until Sunday. The 6-hour car ride down here was abysmal, but we made it. I hadn’t meditated or read my frames at all since waking up at 7 am and could feel the low-vibration energy building inside me. I felt as irritable as Trump whenever he’s blue-balled by Melania. We finally get back from dinner, and I had my peaceful 20 minute meditation with frame reading afterwards. Liberation. Then the night started.

Earlier in the day, I bantered with a waitress and a customer at a diner we pulled over at and collected a few venue names. Later we ate dinner at a seafood joint and got a few more places under our belt from the waiter. We got back, relaxed, and started the night super fucking late at around midnight because my friends wanted to finish several games of beer pong. Fuck going out, am I right? Getting shitfaced to the point of Alzheimer’s and making loud noises obscenely is the shit! Who needs approaching women? That’s for losers! Life is about constant assertion of my masculinity and concealing of my insecurities! All joking aside, we finally start a little before 12.

At 12, we get downtown. S and J disappear off to an adjacent street of clubs while V, K, and I find parking. We need coins to pay the meter so I enter Doc Taylor’s to get change. On the way, I spot a decently attractive blondie with an Indiana Jones-looking hat on in her car. My first car open ensues. “Excuse me, I have to go grab drinks with friends but noticed you’re decently attractive. Who are you.” She laughs. I statement of empathy, she hooks, and we vibe. We exchange names and I start setting up a date for tomorrow or Saturday night since she gets off work late. I learn a bit more about her, qualify her, and exchange numbers to seal the deal. Although she’s ever so slightly under my threshold for attractive, she had a very down-to-earth personality. If I’m horny enough the coming days, I’ll hit her up. I felt like that set was instructor-level because she hooked so easily and I did not find her particularly attractive. Now the challenge is to treat all sets like this one.

At 12:15, we check out the first venue of the night, Doc Taylor’s. Its decent but dying down. I open a 2-set inside with, “Are you guys from Virginia Beach. We’re passing through and are trying to immerse ourselves as much as possible”. One girl hooks while the other is occupied, we vibe about the town and what she does, and SC exchange. V, J, and S immediately ask me what I said to her after I leave set. I can see the curiosity in their eyes. It amuses me. The bar starts closing so we leave.

At 12:45, we check out another bar down the block, LunaSea. The layout of the venue was fucking genius: chatting bar on the first floor inside, club on the second floor inside, and a two-tiered bar behind out back surrounding a sand lot with corn hole and live music. I vibe with a bachelorette party group upon entering, a mixed set of 2 guys 1 girl a few steps away, and walk around. Upon seeing the outdoor area, I truly felt like the game was meant to be called, “the game”. People were sprawled out everywhere waiting for me to chat them up, and I felt at the cause of the night, not the effect. Through studying theory and garnering reference experiences, I felt motherfucker empowered walking through this venue knowing what the fuck to do. There are not many sets, so I open older groups to keep in grounded state flow. While walking back, I notice a mixed set: 3 chicks and 1 dude seated at the outdoor bar. I ask for the drink menu from the bartender then ask the mixed set what’s good here, lead into asking them where they’re from, and exchange names. I befriend the guy and learn they’re from DC. Then, one of the chicks stares me dead in the eye, I stare back, and she puts her arm around me. Hooking without doing any work? I’m not complaining. We isolate a few steps away from the rest of her group, I lock in, vibe/coldread with her, and start screening for logistics. Then I realize this chick is drugged out of her mind on some concoction of chemicals and is LSE as shit. When asking who she’s here with or where she’s staying, she slurs her speech and clings on to me over and over. She then drags us back to her group, and I bid farewell.

At 1:15 while leaving LunaSea, we run into a mixed set of 2 girls and 2 guys. I ask them whether they’re from Virginia Beach: the dudes are but the chicks have a European accent. I’m in for a treat. Turns out they’re Siberian. I confidently utter “hello”, “dog”, and “penis” to them in Russian (my roommate taught me well). They hook immediately and ask where I’m from. We vibe about our backgrounds, where they work, and plans for the night. One of the girls seems to be dating one of the dudes, but the slimmer model-looking one is squared up to me. They’re working at the local Wendy’s. I IG exchange both of them and WhatsApp exchange my girl. Later I IG DM her telling her I’m anticipating her chicken nuggets. Cool girl and the last thing I would have expected in Virginia fucking Beach.

For the next 30 minutes, K is piss drunk out of his mind and also coked out of his mind apparently. He’s chatting up every single moving organism on the streets. It’s hilarious but ends up being a huge unnecessary time sink. If K doesn’t fix this substance abuse problem, I’ll have to stop going out with him.

At 1:45, we roll up to the outside of Peabody’s, the town’s biggest club. It’s starting to close though so we chat up the people leaving. Everyone’s very warm and opens easily. When you tell people you’re a visitor and are trying to make friends, shit hooks most of the time left and right. There are no sets left and so we make our way back to the car and call it a night.

Back at the AirBnB, S starts shit-testing me and it’s adorable. When I take my shirt off and check out my physique, he says he’s bigger than me and tells me I need to workout more. If S is bigger than me, then Julien is a virgin. He asks me what my goals are with bodybuilding, and I unleash a passionate speech about it transforming my life and how it’s not for the weak-disciplined. He backs down and I start ignoring him. Why did S start this out of the blue? I suspect it may be because he saw me being socially free out in the bars and a drastically different person from high school. 711 can’t be good with girls! He needs to be the fat chode who I pick on for self-validation! I fully resonated and felt what Max has been putting forward all these years: when people see you advancing in life, they hate you at first but eventually shift to admiration when you express good intentions. More importantly, the law of averages never echoed louder in my head: I am the average of the 5 fucking people I hang out with the most. In that moment with S, the low-vibration energy returned, and I wasn’t even aware of it until well after while showering. Now, being a friend Nazi and having ridiculous standards of who I want to be around doesn’t get me anywhere, but if someone or thing is stunting my personal growth, I need to cut that shit out. Hiroshima that shit out of my paradigm. You can probably just tell from this paragraph the negative energy this situation brought out in me. Nevertheless, it was a good frame test, and I grew from it.

Another thing: while out tonight, I dressed more urban and streetwear than I normally do and felt so much more congruent. No more were the bright pastel colors of people-pleasing preppiness. I internally recognized a large portion of my wardrobe last year and the years before were to conform to and seek approval from preconceived notions of upper class. I wasn’t being myself and certainly wasn’t being honest.

Tomorrow will be sleeping in, exploring the actual beach of Virginia Beach, and going out for our second night out.

Gym Sets

After sets of leg curls, deadlifts, and leg extension, I take on another kind of set. I’m walking to the leg press machine and catch a blondie in my peripheral. I turn and we make eye contact.

“Do you powerlift”


“Do you powerlift, because you’re dressed like one”

“Oh, no I don’t haha”

We vibe a bit about her split, where she works, and her big ass jug of water. Although she’s not investing, I sense she’s somewhat hooked and try to set up a date.

“I have to get back to leg day, but you seem decently fitness-y. Let’s grab tea next week”

“Oh that won’t work”

“Do you Snap then”


At this point, my gut feeling was that she was shit-testing me, but I didn’t want to plow so hard because it’s at the gym I frequent every day.

“Have a good workout”, and I leave.

As I mentioned before, the degree of directness and plowing in socially conscious places (school and the gym mainly) are still an acquired taste I’m working on. I’m happy I got over my ridiculous fear of looking like “that pickup guy” in my gym and approached. Next time, I want to qualify her more and come from the buyer frame. Overall, decent set.

Balancing Audaciousness and Self-Consciousness

Today was hitting up my local mall and, with that, daygame.

The first set is a blonde chick I catch out of the corner of my eye. I open direct, and she seems noticeably uncomfortable. I throw statements of empathy but to no avail. She looked 30. Nice and ripe, but no hook. Next.

In PacSun, I see a tan-looking state school girl but don’t open because I have this internal voice telling me I’d disturb the environment of the store. I felt like I would have gotten kicked out of the store if I opened. Call it an excuse, but I feel opening a girl in a busy store or a girl working is just too uncalibrated. Similar to doing it on campus or in a gym, “don’t shit where you eat” kept echoing in my head. Perhaps I feel this way because the mall is too close to home. Who knows. This is a taste that comes with time with how far I want to go with directness.

Next, in Vans, I indirect open a cute redhead cashier girl. “Excuse me, didn’t you go to my middle school?” “No, why?” “Because you look really familiar. Must be a different redhead”. I then ask where she goes to school and what she studies. She just graduated and is about to go to grad school. I definitely would have kept plowing if it were a loud bar or club, but I felt out of place doing it in a peaceful shoe store. Am I being paranoid or sound in my argument? There’s a time and place to approach anything and everything balls to the wall with full force, but I feel I’ve already done that. Again, this taste comes with time.

I walk past a surfer looking store on the way out and notice a cute brunette from her back. I go into the store, pretend to look at something, and then open direct. She’s flattered but just not quite as attractive up close. I give her an honest compliment and excuse myself, and feel a gust of state after opening her. Why did I open this girl? She was in a store too, you may bring up. Well, no one was watching and she was by herself. It all comes down to my audaciousness balanced by self-consciousness at the end of the day.

I’m about to leave the mall and witness a blonde bombshell walk past about 15 feet to my left. She’s dressed typically LA and looks like came directly out of an Instagram shoot for Urban Outfitters. She glances my way and keeps walking. My gut feeling was fucking open. I don’t. Why? Because I felt in the moment it would have been “uncalibrated and chodey” . This is where I knew I shot myself in the foot. Sure, taking right action is ideal. Taking wrong action comes second. But taking no action is unacceptable. Taking no action was when my romantic life consisted of candlelit dinners with Pornhub. Do I want that back? Fuck. No. I’m a few steps from the mall exit, and think to myself, “Fuck it.” I go back and want to open at least one more set. Otherwise, I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror.

I spot a 2-set from behind. I walk past, pretend to look in the Apple Store, then walk back. I open direct. She seems confused. That’s something else I noticed with my opens today. All of the girls seemed genuinely confused the first couple of seconds why I was striking conversation with them, as if I wasn’t hitting on them. Maybe I should change “I was walking past, and you caught my attention, who are you” back to “I was walking past, and noticed you were fairly attractive and like the style”. I need to put my dick into the conversation. I cold-read her and her friend as elementary school best friends. They say they are. When I tell her I like her style as a follow-up, she tells me she’s 17. I laugh and tell her that’s valuable information and leave.

On the way to the car, I walk past a meh-looking blonde by herself. I open because it’s an easy set. I know deep-down that if she was with a friend/on the phone/some other bullshit, I would not have done it so instantly. I need to work on this self-consciousness bullshit. She’s not too attractive close-up but I do it for reference. I cold-read her age/job and it turns out she’s working in 25. She says she has to go. I set her loose.

Later at the gym, I’m focused on my workout but notice a crossfit-looking blondie on the treadmill. Later she’s stretching near me. I open telling her she reminds me of a friend who does crossfit. She hooks and we vibe a bit about the gym environment and where she goes to school. She doesn’t seem invested because she doesn’t ask back about me, but that’s no excuse. I don’t push too hard because the “don’t shit where you eat” voice is ringing in my head. I suggest we Facebook exchange and it turns out we have 200+ mutual friends. Smart move not going full Julien on this girl. I send her a request and bid farewell. Later she accepts and I message her telling her to take some protein. Gym sets are still an elusive game of calibration. I’m still unsure about how direct to go. Directness helps because it saves me time, but could also show the girl I have no sense of social intelligence. Indirectness helps because it doesn’t make the girl perceive me as a threat, but I could end up never seeing her again because of conflicting schedules or end up in that friend-zone bullshit. My gut-feeling with this set was to be a little more man-to-woman.

Perhaps that is the essence and spirit of game. Sure, you can make generalizations for situations that more-or-less will fit a certain routine or opener to go by, but it all comes down to gauging the circumstances presented and how crazy you’re feeling in that moment. 

The Half-Pull

Tonight was the first night I (half-)pulled since I restarted my cold-approach pickup career this year. It was a hell of a night. Let me begin.

I start off hitting up this shisha venue with my good old high school friend, his younger brother and his brother’s friend group. I use this as an opportunity to get loose since I had just spent most of my day cooking for my family, and coding for work – I was very technical and stuck in my head. At 11 we head to the club.

We walk in and its pretty dead. Since my friend knew the manager, we get a table. My friend and I agree to split a bottle (a requirement to have the table) – basically agreeing to be the providers for the first part of the night. Note: never buy a bottle because you want to show it off to girls – only buy it because you genuinely want to give to others and because you enjoy it. Over time more and more people come in. There’s this table of girls with a few guys across from us. At first, I am too nervous to go up and say hi – I saw a bunch of other guys approach and get blown out. At some point I say “fuck it” and I grab my bottle (to show that I am not trying to leech off of them) and say “hey table neighbors!” The girls respond very coldly, but the guys love me. The only girl that bothered talking to me was the only Asian chick in the club – while that is one of my main types, she was somewhat below my standards and too cold to make up for that difference.

After that failure, I high-five the guys and head back to my table where I dance and vibe with my friends. My good friend’s little brother pulled a bunch of girls to the table like a baller (our guy to girl ratio before then was pretty bad). And then at some point, my friend stops this one girl and asks her if she wants to chill with us at the table. All of a sudden the guy she was with pops up and so my friend starts talking to him (have to win over the friends). Since the girl was unoccupied I roll up with the bottle and pour her a drink. She instantly hooked. I grab her hand and put it around my shoulder. She complies… but then she looks at the guy she was with and backs away. Noticing this I ask her what the relationship is between her and him, and she says their friends… phew… somewhat. So us three – Mary (the girl), her friend, and I – vibe for a bit. Since Mary was giving my IOIs (like holding my hand) I take her to the dance floor. At first, things started getting heated. Then she backs away. I look behind me and her friend is rolling up. After some time dancing with both of them, I lead them back to the table and pour them a shot directly into their mouths. To a large extent, I am trying to win over the friend since his approval is important for the pull. I do this by vibing with him as opposed to AMOGing him. Mary keeps on being physical with me – very low-key though so she does not feel judged by her friend – and so I grab both of them and say “let’s find you a girl.” He tells me he’s gay (later he says he’s bi). Then I follow up with “Any guys you’re eyeing?” He says that none of them are his type. I start getting mildly aggravated but calm myself down. So I go up to him and say “Hey, can I just spend 20 minutes with her.” I tell him to wait where he is since it’s in between the dancefloor (where I am taking her) and the exit – so he knows that she cannot leave without him knowing. He agrees somewhat reluctantly – but only after taking her phone so that she is somewhat dependent on him.

I pull her to the dance floor and holy crap this girl is giving my shit-tests. Every time things started getting a little heated, she would pull away and put a lot of distance between us. Since I sort of knew what was going on I just stood my ground and had fun. She eventually came back. So then I pull her into my ‘locked-in’ position (back against the wall, legs spread with her up on me). At this point, things start to get more heated – a lot more physicality. We start grinding, I start pulling her hair, we get close. I go for the make-out but she turns her head. I do not let this phase me – I give her a kiss on the cheek and keep having fun. When things got too heated she would start pulling away – in response, I took my hands off of her, stood there in my ‘locked-in’ position and waited for her to come back on me. I could tell that this massively turned her on (that I was not outcome-dependent and generally non-reactive). I notice her friend coming back (I guess my 20 minutes were up) and so I pull her hair and we make-out. Thank god.

So her friend starts dancing with us, and my good friends younger brother tries to get him away – I tell him he’s fine because I want to win the friend’s trust and approval. At this point, Mary’s friend told her that they’re going since they have a train to catch at 9 am. She ignores him and grinds up closer on me. At this point, she begins boxing him out by getting really close to me and turning her back to him. He starts getting pissed. I calm the situation down by telling him that I will return her to their hotel before 3 am. At first, he was difficult, but he agrees after I give him my number and take down the hotel name, address, and his number. Then he says something angrily to her and leaves in a hissy fit with her phone. She ignored him and stayed close to me.

After dancing and making-out for a while longer I grab her and tell her we’re getting some fresh air. She seems reluctant but, ultimately, follows. When we’re outside I suggest we go on an adventure – that we go to the river. She laughs, stops, and says no. She tells me I’m “a character” and really douchey. I respond with “I am”. I square up in front of her, cross my arms, and maintain intense eye-contact. I tell her it’s beautiful and that I am going with or without her – it’s her choice if she wants to come along and I do not really care if she does or does not. She does not respond with much. The staring contest continues. Then I decide I need to build more comfort, so I open up about my mild autism, shit I went through in high school, the fact that I am in Prague to see my sisters graduation, and that I am just a normal lonely child at the end of the day. She smiles, but the staring contest persists. I extend my hand out while maintaining intense eye contact, and after some time, she grabs it. We go to the river.

While walking along the river’s edge I open up to her about my life – I figured I built so much value already, that I need to build more comfort and become more relatable and human. I also tell her about the different things I like about her. Then I see it – a boat with a raft with a little wall on it that we can hide behind. I tell her we’re getting on the boat and she complies.

We get behind the wall and things start getting heated. I start fingering her. I unbuckle my pants and put her hand on my cock – she strokes. She starts moaning, and then she tells me to stop. This is where things started getting weird. So I stopped and we continue hooking up. She starts getting really aggressive with me : pulling my hair and shirt violently. I respond with less violent hair-pulling and mild choking since she seems to like it aggressive. After a certain amount of back and forth, it becomes too much for me: I do not want to ruin my shirt or lose hair because of this girl. So I push her off me, buckle up my pants, lean against the wall and tell her that she’s starting to scare me and so I am done.

At first, she seems very confused, but then we get into another staring competition. After about 10 minutes she begins to come closer and closer to me and we start hooking up again. She won’t let me finger her and every time she starts going down on me, she would stop very shortly after. So I was like “fuck it, I’ll do it myself” and I start whacking myself off as we hooked up. She starts getting really intense and turned on. When I told her that I am finishing soon she did not seem the believe me. Then I did and she was very surprised – I think she thought that I was bluffing. This just turned her on more and she started really hooking up with me.

At this point, I got mine so I say that unless she’ll let me give her hers I’m going to call taxis. She doesn’t say anything and so I start leaving. She tries to pull me back and we get back into it – but she still would not let me give her hers. Then, a person comes by and walks into the boat right next to us. I tell her that we should go since I do not feel comfortable hooking up right in front of someone when we are sort of on their property (the woman had keys to the boat). She tries to keep me there, but after a bit of struggle I get out and she follows. She is completely hooked.

On the way to the cab pick-up location, she would stop me multiple times to make out with me. She suggested that I come back to her hotel with her despite her rooming with her friend. I am tempted, but I am here with my family, and I rather not freak my mom out by not being here in the morning, especially since I already finished (I can do what I want in the U.S., but when I am with my parents, I want to make sure they do not worry about me). She said she wished we were in a different world (I think she meant that I did not have family to return to and she did not have a train at 9 am – basically, that our logistics were better). We finally get to the pick-up location and we wait for the cabs. She starts crying. I ask her what’s wrong. She says nothing. She stops crying and starts making out with me every chance she gets. I tell her I had a great night and I comfort her by giving her hugs and making her feel special (by saying the specific things I like about her and what specific unique experiences I had because of her). This seems to make her feel a bit better but she still suggests I go back with her. Like I said, I was tempted to, but I really couldn’t (and she had a train at 9 am). Anyways, so I get her her cab, I get my cab and we go our separate ways.

What a night.


+ held my ground in the face of a lot of shit tests (probably some of the most I have ever faced)

+ Was not afraid to let the set die and communicated this clearly by setting boundaries

+ Dealt with her male friend appropriately by being respectful and friendly – but, ultimately, getting her into my enough that she wanted to ditch him for me

Work on:

–> approaching a bit more earlier – not letting my nervousness get in the way

–> approach the target when approaching a group set (then saying hi to the group)