Malls as the Suburban Outlets of Game

As a suburban kid, I really don’t get exposure to the high density of people as I would in a city. The gym and mall really are the two places I can boil down to that offer the bare minimum of that density. Today was 3 malls and, with that, 3 sets.

At Short Hills Mall, I open a preppy looking brunette coming out of Express. I was even amazed at myself afterwards by the quick and second-nature reaction time I had to opening. I saw her, my brain processed the image as something I would like to engage in coitus with, and I approached. I open telling her “I like your style, holy shit” and then asking what she was up to. She was on a lunch break and seemed to be in a rush. When asking where she went to school and cold-reading her, she looked down at her phone and started to lose interest. She then walked away abruptly. I yelled, “Do you text” and she laughed and continued walking. Next time, a simple “Ey, two seconds. I want to see if you’re as cool as I think you are” would do the trick. If she’s in a rush, vibing less and cutting straight to the logistics and setting up the date would be smarter as well.

At Menlo Park Mall, I pass mixed and group sets but don’t open because I’m pressed on time. I blame my perfectionistic personality. If I’m pressed for time, a direct compliment, asking for logistics, and setting up the date can’t hurt. When there’s less time, minimize vibing and cut straight to logistics. On my way out, a fitness blonde chick walks into the mall. Fuck. I follow her back in, trail her for a few minutes, then opened from her side. She seemed flattered by my compliment but had no interest staying. I would have plowed but her face was eh. Next time, I should avoid opening from 90 degrees at all costs and open from behind at arms length or from the front. Starting conversation from the side scares the shit out of people.

At Bridgewater Mall, I’m on my way out and see a 2 set to my right. I walk past them and then turn around to direct open the blonde. Her name is Cat, is a dolphin trainer, and is 28. I address the friend, find out that they’re getting sushi, and start a really fun natural banter with Cat. I even help her with her order and tease her to get edamame and cucumber because it’s good for preventing heart disease. I’m happy with my shameless vibe and willingness to walk away but wished I had solidified a date before leaving. She refused to give me her number and instead took mine. I’ll most likely never hear from her again. Solidify a date time and location before leaving the set.


  • +
    • Opening in different environments
  • ->
    • Play to win, motherfucker

Virginia Beach Day 3: Solo

Tonight was the third and last night out in Virginia Beach. None of the other guys wanted to go out and so I finally had the pleasure of going out alone. I felt initial resistance but then detached myself from my thoughts and emotions. I immediately thought back to when I went out alone over winter break in Meatpacking District and how it was not nearly as bad as how I imagined. Tonight would be round two.

At 11:30 after dinner, I start the night at a local bar that J told me about called Side Street Cantina. I walk in and feel significantly younger than the average crowd there. I open group and single sets left and right but nothing hooks. Ah how refreshing: the arrogance of high-end Manhattan clubs found in a low-end dive bar. I open a Russian-looking blonde chick Rebecca who hooks and gets me a glass of water but leaves when I make the conversation man-to-woman. I open a two-set sitting down and they hook. They become my “home base” for this bar are are very friendly. I walk from the bar to the dance floor and back opening all options but they result in disgusted looks or short answers followed by ignoring me or leaving. I feel a state crash but then detach myself from my thoughts and emotions once again. I’ve opened everything and decide to switch venues.

At 12:15, I walk downtown more to a more familiar spot: LunaSea. I get there and I feel the night might pick up in momentum, but then I see 4 cops standing next to the bouncer. Nope. I make my way to Peabody’s and ask strangers for directions along the way to stay in state. I learn it’s 18+ from asking strangers and go in. Then I find out it’s a $20 cover charge and go out. I walk past a popular street filled with loud clubs that are empty and not conducive to talking. I’m back to square one. I figure Calypso’s is my best bet and make my way there.

At 1:00, I enter Calypso’s and feel much more in state all of a sudden. I small talk with a chill guy who works there, self-amuse with a 2-set asking if they’re Scottish, chat with 2 grandmas about wishing my grandparents were as cool as they were, and getting called a jerk for calling a blonde chick a third wheel. It’s a dead-end venue with very old people in it or groups. I open everything telling people I’m a visitor and looking for good bars and venues. Two group sets hook but logistics aren’t ideal as they’re both leaving. Sure, I could go with, but it just feels so damn uncalibrated.

At 1:30, I go back to Side Street and open the leftovers. Nothing hooks. At 2:00, the bar closes and the third part of the night begins. I open girls and groups waiting for Ubers and make decent banter with a birthday group and a Yeezy collector. I decide to call it a night and walk back.

I pass a pizza shop and go in. The cashier is decently attractive. I ask her if they have wings and hear an Eastern European accent. I ask if she’s Russian and it turns out she’s Polish and from Warsaw. She asks why I thought she was Russian and seems hooked. I make small-talk and classically premature ejectulate because I didn’t want to disturb her working. In reality, the store was closing in 1 minute and she seemed interested. “I actually like your style. What part of Virginia Beach do you live in” would have done the trick. Then I would have walked with, built rapport, and tried to find an excuse to go to her place. But I didn’t do it because I wasn’t playing to win. I left the set early because she wasn’t begging for my dick. That’s ridiculous and unrealistic. Next time, I stay in set until I reach an explicit dead-end.

Overall, tonight showed that going out alone forces growth. I couldn’t turn to my wing for advice or to kill time. I was left with only me, myself, and I. I was my own instructor. Now, having a solid wing is ideal, but going out alone should never be ruled out. Gaming solo in MPD and tonight proved that.


  • +
    • Went out solo despite preconceived notion of it being “weird”
    • Opened everything
  • –>
    • Play to win accordingly in all parts of the night
    • Don’t leave the set until you reach an explicit dead-end

Virginia Beach Day 2: Uncovering Sticking Points

Today was feeling confident and empowered daygaming on the beach and significantly less so nightgaming at the bars. Let’s begin.

After finding safe haven in the bathroom for morning meditation and frame reading, I hit the beach to join the boys who are eating at Mahi Mah’s. We wrap up and walk to the sand. I notice a blonde chick sitting on a chair next to a friend in the distance. I go over, open direct, find out their logistics, try to set up a tea date tomorrow, and exchange numbers. My friends observe from a distance and ask me about my success rate and how I do it. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve grown in the past year. We chill a bit, and then I notice two chicks lying down to my right in the distance. Same routine. Direct open, statement of empathy, befriend the friend, and find out logistics. My girl, we’ll call her tattoo girl, tells me her and her friend are leaving tomorrow but want to know what places are good tonight. We exchange numbers and plan to meet. The first blonde chick ignores my text but tattoo girl tells me her and her friend want to go out with us tonight. I sense I can pull her easily later that night. Later, I open a girl whose boyfriend later joins us after coming out of a bathroom stall, a girl who’s working at an amusement park and turns out to be 16, and a girl whose with her dog and whose boyfriend later joins us. If I had known the circumstances before opening, I would not have, but I’m glad I did not. These sets proved nothing bad happened despite intimidating/unideal circumstances.

After getting back to the house, chilling, and then eating dinner, we start the night. Tattoo girl wants to know where we’re going and I start feeling entitled to pulling her.

At 10:30, we walk by The Shack which we had checked out earlier that day. Security is tight and there are cops near the entrance. That’s a no-go with my shitty fake. We find some Ohio girls along the way and chat them up. They’re not hooked enough and are on their way back to their hotel so we bid farewell.

At 11:00, BK, J, and I try Calypso and it’s decent but everyone is there together. I chat up a Russian-looking chick who introduces me and BK to her boyfriend and other friends. We chat for a bit so I can get into a social mood but I still feel in my head. I get a text from tattoo girl and they’re here. BK and I go over to meet them. I commit instinctively this early on in the night because I sense she’s hooked and wants to fuck me already. As a direct result, my vibing with her at Calypso’s and later at LunaSea is not man-to-woman whatsoever. We later move to LunaSea and it’s fucking packed. In hindsight, even though LunaSea is a nice bar, we should have gone to a venue closer to the AirBnB. Logistics trump everything. We start at the outdoor bar and move around and continue our boring redundant banter. I make no attempts to isolate my girl and do not escalate at all. In fact, I went backwards from when I first opened her during the day. During the day, my direct approach sexualized the conversation and moved it forward at lightning speed. At night, the progress I made during the day began to recede because I wasn’t as sexual and assumed she would just go home with me because of my daytime approach. I played to win by moving her and her friend around a lot and committing to her, but I was not sexual enough and did not even attempt to isolate her from her friend. Now, I understand that when its a 2-set, it’s tough to isolate the girl from her friend, but BK could have easily distracted the friend or I could have found some guy to throw onto the friend. If she didn’t want to leave her friend, I should have committed to a new girl right away in the packed venue because that set would have been a dead-end. I’ll never know though because I didn’t even try to isolate her. We eventually Uber back to our AirBnB because of an “afterparty” there, and the girls don’t seem excited at all but go with us nonetheless. Upon arriving, S entertains them and essentially becomes the center of their attention. He tries to pull tattoo girl at one point. I was pissed off in the moment because he didn’t understand basic winging etiquette, but I deserved it. Tattoo girl not investing in me was a direct result of my lack of sexualization. I direct them out of the AirBnB to a pizza joint and walk with them for a little to leave them on a good note. We hug goodbye, and I reflect on everything that happened in that long-ass set. Although the set lasted 3 fucking hours, my inability to move the interaction forward was my ultimate downfall tonight. I just assumed tattoo girl would go home with me without following basic principles. I got arrogant and presumptuous. Hooking is fairly second nature to me now, but vibing and closing are my motherfucking sticking points. I’m weak in closing especially just because I don’t do it often enough.

I’m fucking starving for more reference experiences.


  • +
    • Strong daygame opening
    • Strong verbal game
    • Hooking more
  • ->
    • Sexualize that shit
    • Isolate your girl
    • Commit to a new girl if current girl not going to work out

Virginia Beach: Miami Beach’s Autistic Cousin

Some high school friends and I planned a trip to Virginia Beach and are AirBnBing until Sunday. The 6-hour car ride down here was abysmal, but we made it. I hadn’t meditated or read my frames at all since waking up at 7 am and could feel the low-vibration energy building inside me. I felt as irritable as Trump whenever he’s blue-balled by Melania. We finally get back from dinner, and I had my peaceful 20 minute meditation with frame reading afterwards. Liberation. Then the night started.

Earlier in the day, I bantered with a waitress and a customer at a diner we pulled over at and collected a few venue names. Later we ate dinner at a seafood joint and got a few more places under our belt from the waiter. We got back, relaxed, and started the night super fucking late at around midnight because my friends wanted to finish several games of beer pong. Fuck going out, am I right? Getting shitfaced to the point of Alzheimer’s and making loud noises obscenely is the shit! Who needs approaching women? That’s for losers! Life is about constant assertion of my masculinity and concealing of my insecurities! All joking aside, we finally start a little before 12.

At 12, we get downtown. S and J disappear off to an adjacent street of clubs while V, K, and I find parking. We need coins to pay the meter so I enter Doc Taylor’s to get change. On the way, I spot a decently attractive blondie with an Indiana Jones-looking hat on in her car. My first car open ensues. “Excuse me, I have to go grab drinks with friends but noticed you’re decently attractive. Who are you.” She laughs. I statement of empathy, she hooks, and we vibe. We exchange names and I start setting up a date for tomorrow or Saturday night since she gets off work late. I learn a bit more about her, qualify her, and exchange numbers to seal the deal. Although she’s ever so slightly under my threshold for attractive, she had a very down-to-earth personality. If I’m horny enough the coming days, I’ll hit her up. I felt like that set was instructor-level because she hooked so easily and I did not find her particularly attractive. Now the challenge is to treat all sets like this one.

At 12:15, we check out the first venue of the night, Doc Taylor’s. Its decent but dying down. I open a 2-set inside with, “Are you guys from Virginia Beach. We’re passing through and are trying to immerse ourselves as much as possible”. One girl hooks while the other is occupied, we vibe about the town and what she does, and SC exchange. V, J, and S immediately ask me what I said to her after I leave set. I can see the curiosity in their eyes. It amuses me. The bar starts closing so we leave.

At 12:45, we check out another bar down the block, LunaSea. The layout of the venue was fucking genius: chatting bar on the first floor inside, club on the second floor inside, and a two-tiered bar behind out back surrounding a sand lot with corn hole and live music. I vibe with a bachelorette party group upon entering, a mixed set of 2 guys 1 girl a few steps away, and walk around. Upon seeing the outdoor area, I truly felt like the game was meant to be called, “the game”. People were sprawled out everywhere waiting for me to chat them up, and I felt at the cause of the night, not the effect. Through studying theory and garnering reference experiences, I felt motherfucker empowered walking through this venue knowing what the fuck to do. There are not many sets, so I open older groups to keep in grounded state flow. While walking back, I notice a mixed set: 3 chicks and 1 dude seated at the outdoor bar. I ask for the drink menu from the bartender then ask the mixed set what’s good here, lead into asking them where they’re from, and exchange names. I befriend the guy and learn they’re from DC. Then, one of the chicks stares me dead in the eye, I stare back, and she puts her arm around me. Hooking without doing any work? I’m not complaining. We isolate a few steps away from the rest of her group, I lock in, vibe/coldread with her, and start screening for logistics. Then I realize this chick is drugged out of her mind on some concoction of chemicals and is LSE as shit. When asking who she’s here with or where she’s staying, she slurs her speech and clings on to me over and over. She then drags us back to her group, and I bid farewell.

At 1:15 while leaving LunaSea, we run into a mixed set of 2 girls and 2 guys. I ask them whether they’re from Virginia Beach: the dudes are but the chicks have a European accent. I’m in for a treat. Turns out they’re Siberian. I confidently utter “hello”, “dog”, and “penis” to them in Russian (my roommate taught me well). They hook immediately and ask where I’m from. We vibe about our backgrounds, where they work, and plans for the night. One of the girls seems to be dating one of the dudes, but the slimmer model-looking one is squared up to me. They’re working at the local Wendy’s. I IG exchange both of them and WhatsApp exchange my girl. Later I IG DM her telling her I’m anticipating her chicken nuggets. Cool girl and the last thing I would have expected in Virginia fucking Beach.

For the next 30 minutes, K is piss drunk out of his mind and also coked out of his mind apparently. He’s chatting up every single moving organism on the streets. It’s hilarious but ends up being a huge unnecessary time sink. If K doesn’t fix this substance abuse problem, I’ll have to stop going out with him.

At 1:45, we roll up to the outside of Peabody’s, the town’s biggest club. It’s starting to close though so we chat up the people leaving. Everyone’s very warm and opens easily. When you tell people you’re a visitor and are trying to make friends, shit hooks most of the time left and right. There are no sets left and so we make our way back to the car and call it a night.

Back at the AirBnB, S starts shit-testing me and it’s adorable. When I take my shirt off and check out my physique, he says he’s bigger than me and tells me I need to workout more. If S is bigger than me, then Julien is a virgin. He asks me what my goals are with bodybuilding, and I unleash a passionate speech about it transforming my life and how it’s not for the weak-disciplined. He backs down and I start ignoring him. Why did S start this out of the blue? I suspect it may be because he saw me being socially free out in the bars and a drastically different person from high school. 711 can’t be good with girls! He needs to be the fat chode who I pick on for self-validation! I fully resonated and felt what Max has been putting forward all these years: when people see you advancing in life, they hate you at first but eventually shift to admiration when you express good intentions. More importantly, the law of averages never echoed louder in my head: I am the average of the 5 fucking people I hang out with the most. In that moment with S, the low-vibration energy returned, and I wasn’t even aware of it until well after while showering. Now, being a friend Nazi and having ridiculous standards of who I want to be around doesn’t get me anywhere, but if someone or thing is stunting my personal growth, I need to cut that shit out. Hiroshima that shit out of my paradigm. You can probably just tell from this paragraph the negative energy this situation brought out in me. Nevertheless, it was a good frame test, and I grew from it.

Another thing: while out tonight, I dressed more urban and streetwear than I normally do and felt so much more congruent. No more were the bright pastel colors of people-pleasing preppiness. I internally recognized a large portion of my wardrobe last year and the years before were to conform to and seek approval from preconceived notions of upper class. I wasn’t being myself and certainly wasn’t being honest.

Tomorrow will be sleeping in, exploring the actual beach of Virginia Beach, and going out for our second night out.

Gym Sets

After sets of leg curls, deadlifts, and leg extension, I take on another kind of set. I’m walking to the leg press machine and catch a blondie in my peripheral. I turn and we make eye contact.

“Do you powerlift”


“Do you powerlift, because you’re dressed like one”

“Oh, no I don’t haha”

We vibe a bit about her split, where she works, and her big ass jug of water. Although she’s not investing, I sense she’s somewhat hooked and try to set up a date.

“I have to get back to leg day, but you seem decently fitness-y. Let’s grab tea next week”

“Oh that won’t work”

“Do you Snap then”


At this point, my gut feeling was that she was shit-testing me, but I didn’t want to plow so hard because it’s at the gym I frequent every day.

“Have a good workout”, and I leave.

As I mentioned before, the degree of directness and plowing in socially conscious places (school and the gym mainly) are still an acquired taste I’m working on. I’m happy I got over my ridiculous fear of looking like “that pickup guy” in my gym and approached. Next time, I want to qualify her more and come from the buyer frame. Overall, decent set.

Getting Teased in East Village

After catching  dinner with old friends in Morningside Heights, the night begins.

We subway down to 212 Hisae’s to get the tempo started but it’s packed. A no-go. I then get a text from my wing H about The Penny Farthing and Phebe’s being good in the Village area. We get to Penny and half our group gets in, but the other half doesn’t. We then all leave to check out surrounding bars in the area but they’re either dead or have patrons who I could’ve sworn made an appearance on To Catch a Predator. My fake is quite ass with its noticeable crease right down the middle, but I’ve got better ones coming in the mail. God bless bitcoin.

While walking, we run into K’s wing and he tags along. I get a surge of state. We then make a pitstop to get food at a hotdog stand. While waiting, I notice a cute dirty blonde walking my way. “Excuse me, I have to go meet friends for a drink, but you’ve caught my attention. Who are you”, I calmly say. She thanks me for being direct and hooks. “I like the scarf and nose ring. You must be an art student”. She is and is impressed. I follow-up with cold-reading her personality and qualifying her. We vibe well. I ask what she’s up to and she’s on her way to Webster Hall. Bleh. “Well, I’m heading in that direction, but *noticeably check her out from head to toe* I want to see if you’re as interesting as I think you are. Do you text” I say. “Yes. Grab my number”. We exchange and I text her my name with a witty description of what I was wearing. She responds immediately with, “Haha got it”, and I’m feeling fucking good. Before, I was hesitant to blatantly approach on the street with my friends watching, but I realized at one point I need to weigh my values. Do I value more about growing and potentially meeting a really cool girl, or what my friends think of me for about 5 minutes? I need to ask myself more often whether what I’m doing is getting me further in life. We eventually get to Phebe’s and I realize I’ve been here before over winter break. We get in, there’s music blasting, and the ratio’s fire. Fuck yeah.

It’s 11:30, and I’m initially overly judgmental and try to come off suave in my interactions, but then cut that shit out. I open a 3-set of Jewish girls first, vibe with them about finding them husbands in the bar, and leave on a high note. I open a group of 3 girls and 1 dude telling one of the cuter girls she looks Persian. She hooks, I cold read the other 2 chicks’ backgrounds, and the dude hilariously proclaims he’s a Turkish Jew. We vibe well but I eventually leave because my wing K and his wing lock in. I should’ve number closed since it was still the first part of the night. I then open two older women with my wing K. I’m on the more nutritionally undisciplined one and K’s on the cougar former sorority girl looking one. Ms. Nutritionally Undisciplined seems very neutral leaning on the cold side and put off by my vibing. K and I switch girls and Ms. Cougar hooks immediately when I say, “You definitely look like you went to Syracuse and were Alpha Phi or Tri Delt”. She laughs and tells me she wasn’t in Greek life. We vibe exceptionally well, I learn she’s a college counselor, and she gives IOIs with classic hair flips and what not. However, K starts self-amusing too much with the rather large ball of woman and gets blown out. The large mass of human then takes her friend from me, gives me a stern shaking of the head, and leaves. K drank way too fucking much tonight and was as uncalibrated as Hellen Keller during an eye exam. If K keeps drinking so much, I’ll have to stop going out with him. He’s a great friend, but he won’t grow and neither will I. Throughout the night at Phebe’s, none of the girls I open ignore me, only a few hook, and most are neutral towards my banter but don’t reciprocate. I can attribute the low amount of hooks to the environment favoring physicality and my not plowing enough. I need to plow while finding that perfect mix of qualifying the girl while not having a stick up my ass and still having fun.

It’s 12:00, and after spotting 3 blondes to my right, I go up open them with one of my high school friends S. They respond receptively and we vibe about their jobs, fashion, and background. She nicknames me KevJumba so I nickname her Brittney. The vibe starts dying after more chitchat so we bid farewell. My wing H finally gets in and I give him a big hug of reunion. I feel a surge of state. I reopen later with H and ask for logistics for the ring leader blonde. She says she has to wake up early and lives in Brooklyn. I suggest we SC exchange but she politely declines. I suggest we exchange numbers but she politely declines again. I move over to the arguably hotter blonde who’s half-Irish half-Lebanese. She hooks as well and I tell her her new nickname is Pamela. After the vibe dies down again, I leave. Later in the night, I reopen, tell her I have to go meet friends, and suggest we SC exchange. She complies. Reopening is fucking powerful and sets you apart from most chodes. I then open some circles of girls with S, groups consisting anywhere from 3 to 5 people. One circle hooks when I cold read that they go to school at NYU. Their blonde friend then comes in and throws IOIs at my immediately, asking me where I go to school and what I study. I respond back, neg her for being preppy, and continue throwing bits of physicality in there. At a certain point, it seems like the set stagnated as she said she had to go meet friends. In the moment, I felt helpless, but now, I should have fucking moved her to the bar area. A simple, “Tell your friends we’re going to go get some water” would have done the fucking trick. When the vibe starts dying, fucking move the girl. I’ll say that one more time. When the vibe starts dying, fucking move the girl. Capeesh? Another thing I’ve come to realize is that, although S isn’t into game, he’s a natural. He understands basic fundamentals of vibing already just from past relationships and a good upbringing. That just cemented that the soul primes above all else. Your opener or spin handshake isn’t going to get her panties wet.

It’s 1:00 and I open a mixed set with H. 2 girls and a guy. We each get on a girl. My blonde cougar hooks fairly quickly when I simply extend my hand and introduce myself. I cold read she looks like she went to a liberal arts school and grew up in the Northeast. She laughs and closes distance when I tell her she looks like she’s in fashion. She gives me a platonic pat on the back followed by a, “You’re too nice. Thank you”. Fuck that shit. I don’t want to be her nice provider boy. I want to be the man who ravages her so that she’ll have a story to tell her fucking grandkids about how she flooded NYC when I made her squirt. Next time I sense she’s putting me in the provider role, a simple, “Fuck you, who are you” will get her back in my reality. Calibration, motherfucker. She then runs off to get drinks. Predictable. She didn’t find me sexually arousing anymore. Later on, I walk to the entrance to call K and I catch her staring at me. I stare back and she looks away after a second too long. I don’t open though because of a bullshit sense of feeling blasé and not needing her. Obviously, I shouldn’t do nonsensical shit, but I also need to stop putting my ego on a pedestal. I’ve watched enough fucking infield to know what the right thing to do is.

It’s 2:00 and H and I step outside to debrief. I notice a cute brunette walking by and say “Excuse me”. She ignores. “Excuse me” once again. She ignore. “Let me show you how it’s fucking done”, proclaims H. He follows her off into the distance and I vibe with some people standing outside and a bouncer at an adjacent bar. H comes back. “I got the number, motherfucker.” Damn, I thought to myself. Plowing really is key. If she isn’t telling you to fuck off, stay in set. We discuss how we did well with our given skillsets in such a loud venue. We both have strong verbal game, so being in such a chaotic environment demands more physicality and moving, less talking. H also told me how Todd almost always pulls in the first part of the night: his verbal game is his strong point and the first part of the night favors verbal game. We also discuss plowing and making that subject judgment call on when to know to throw in the towel on a set. At the end of the day, it comes down to how horny you are and how bad you want it.

It’s 2:30, and just as we’re wrapping up, I notice a stunner blonde in black leather jacket walk by with her friend in a cheetah coat. I size them up and then go. “Excuse me, I have to go meet my friends for a drink but you caught my attention”, I say. “I’m sorry?”, she responds. “I know this is random, some dude just coming up and chatting you up. But you intrigue me. What’s your story, who are you”, I follow up. “Haha, nice to meet you”, she responds , introduces herself, and hooks. I tell her I love her all-black look, that her jacket is dope, and that they look like they came from Meatpacking District. We stop to chat and I cold read the friend as seeming amused at watching us talk. The friend laughs and isn’t an obstacle. H then comes in and wings, talking to the friend. We continue vibing about our nights, their gay friend who looks like G-Eazy comes in for a bit, and I tell leather jacket girl she needs to help me find ripped jeans. I ask what they’re up to and she says they’re getting Halal Guys. “You should come with us!”, she suggests. Holy shit I can pull this girl, I realize: maybe to her place or my car. I explain my predicament of having to drive my friends back home, and she suggests we exchange numbers. She almost seemed like she was helping me pull her. H texts me that she seems down and I should leave my friends behind in Phebe’s and go with them while he’d wing me. I feel conflicted and teased by this golden set that appeared at the end of the night. So this is what the third part of the night feels like. Fuck it. I call my friends, tell them to meet us at Halal Guys, and then walk with the girls for a bit. We continue chatting about the city and Kanye. I then realize the set is too improbable for a pull and my friends need a ride back home. I tell the girls my parenting duties as a friend call me, hug her goodbye, and she suggests we go shopping for ripped jeans for me. Holy shit, a girl seeding date ideas for me. Fuck yeah. We leave, and I don’t feel the slightest tinge of regret because I know I stuck by my principles and there’s probably hundreds if not thousands of other girls like her in the city. I felt at the cause of my growth and not the effect. I have the skills to not depend on a limited pool of women. The sky is the limit. From the earlier nose ring girl and this ripped jeans shopping girl, I come to realize verbal game is my strength and quieter environments are where I thrive: daygame, streets, and rooftop venues/lounges. That just means I need to nurture this skillset while also developing my physicality and sexual energy in louder chaotic venues.

I meet up with my school friends, grab pizza with them, and H tags along for a bit before parting since we couldn’t talk about game in front of them. We Uber back to my car and the night concludes. I want to set up day 2s with both girls preferably on the same weekday this upcoming week and daygame in-between the dates. As I’m typing this now, I decided to follow-up text before going to bed rather than tomorrow nose ring girl that she’s intrigued me about artistic girls wearing nose rings. She double texts me after I don’t respond to her first text. I get a boner and that just shows me how much more abundant I need to get. Nevertheless, I want to rendezvous with her this week.


  • +
    • Good street sets
    • Good opening high volume in Phebe’s
    • Good texting nose ring girl and ripped jeans girl before going to bed, rather than after waking up next day
  • ->
    • Solidify date in street sets before getting the number
    • Be aware of the part of the night and play to win accordingly
    • Move the girl when the vibe starts dying
    • Calibrate both when she’s put off because you’re too arrogant and because you’re too nice

The Last Night Out in Providence

This did not happen tonight. It happened last Saturday before finals shit hit the fan so J2 and I decided to go out one last time.

Originally, I did not plan on going out because I had no wing. I viewed game as a chore on my own and not something enjoyable. That still is something I need to change fundamentally and make that mental shift. However, I get a call from J2 around 9 pm and immediately get hyped. We’re going fucking out.

We get in for $5 instead of $10 because we bring up our promotor friend’s name.

At 11:30, it’s very fucking slow with a sea of dudes and some fat chicks. J2 open 2 girls, one decent and one nutritionally undisciplined. We vibe well and I eventually merge them into a distant group of 4 girls by asking them how they pronounce “Dunkin Donuts”. The merging goes well but dies after I don’t introduce the 2 sets to each other. We Snapchat exchange the original two and dip as the vibe starts dying. J2 then opens a girl from another night and we vibe with that group for a bit.

I then notice 2 girls front-grinding on each other in the distance and walk over casually. “That’s very good. Keep up the good work”, I say to them. They laugh and I follow up with a “You guys look like you go to PC or JWU”. The Italian-looking white blouse girl reciprocates and I cold-read she’s Catholic: she is and hooks. J2 then comes in and wings the other friend before they’re dragged away in a big group of 6. There aren’t any decent sets left so we walk around opening shit left and right to keep in the flow. I ask a security guard for his arm workout because he has huge bis and tris.

At 12:30, more people begin pooling in and the second half of the night is beginning slowly but surely. I open a 2-set of one decent girl and yet another nutritionally undisciplined girl by going from behind to in front of them and saying “You guys look like you go to PC”. They reciprocate excitingly and hook. The decent brunette one goes to some South Carolina school her rather large friend goes to UMass Amherst. They ask my age with token interest and I tell them I’m 20 because it’s relatable. SC chick closes space and puts her arm around me when I lean in to tell my age. I reciprocate by wrapping mine around her and gently resting my hands right above her ass. She reciprocates by squeezing tightly and I realize I can pull her.

I commit.

Their logistics are that: 1. they’re here together and are best friends, 2. they’re not sure what they’re doing later that night and I didn’t bother asking them about tomorrow since I’d be studying, and 3. they live a far commute away in Mass. I forgot to ask about 4. how they’re getting home and 5. whether she has roommates. When moving my girl to the bar, I make the mistake of telling the fat friend we’re going. Next time, I should let my girl do all the work since it’s more relatable than a random guy asserting he’s taking her friend away. The friend doesn’t let her leave because their phones are on low battery (smell that? it’s bullshit), so I suggest all 4 of us go the bar. She complies and we go. After more vibing and building report, I realize I didn’t buy any drink and my girl didn’t even care. It proved I don’t need to pay shit and the girls who do care aren’t worth the time of day.

J2 then suggests all 4 of us go to the dance floor, a fucking smart move since the vibe was getting slow. When we get there, I feel it’s on with my girl but don’t escalate since I feel the friend is watching. J2 tells me to distract the friend, and I pull my girl to a nearby pillar and start making out. When I start fingering her through her dress, she stops making out and looks me dead in the eye. I take that step back, tell her we don’t do anything we’re not comfortable with since I’m a nice civilized boy, and we resume making out. While tasting her bland lips, I get the thought to pull away but feel especially horny so I savor it. I need to remember I’m at the bar/club to take a girl home, not to fucking kiss her. Moreover, if I’m positive she’s into me, it’s better not to makeup to build tension and increase the chance for the pull. We continue for a few minutes before she pulls away to check her phone. I number close after realizing the friend is a huge logistical obstacle to puling. When I commit to a girl, I need to get rid of getting the phone number as a prospect and only do so before she leaves and there was no pull. I then ask what they’re up to and she say’s they’re not sure. I suggest we go get food, and she’s down, but then my girl asks if we can go in 10 minutes. I say sure, and they run off to the bathroom. J2 and I chill near the bar waiting for them to come out. J2 then spots them on the dance floor after a bit. I start walking back to my girl and the two of them run away immediately. Next time, when the girls aren’t ready to leave the venue, I need to move them to a seating area in the club or outside to chill. We move out of the club after enough time and comfort.

I reopen Catholic girl a few times, find out she’s Syrian (holy shit, a shiny Pokemon), and do low investment vibing. I don’t ask for logistics because I assume it’s a no-go with the big friend group. The big group actually helps, but there was one particularly bitchy friend. I SC close and bid farewell, but next time need to stay longer no matter what.

At 1:15, people start to leave. We open some sets on the dance floor and near a stripper pole. I jump on the pole and start humping it to a group nearby before a bouncer comes over. We open what’s left before Ubering back to campus.


  • +
    • Committed to Carolina chick during second part of the night
    • Asked for logistics and played to win
  • ->
    • Move them around more in venue if they’re not ready to leave
    • Read the tempo of the conversation better and know when spikes are needed and flatline is
      • This comes with going out more
    • Commit to a new girl (Catholic Syrian girl), by asking the 5 logistics questions if previously committed girl leaves