Flight Connections

We have been very bad at posting the past three weeks. Work and girls got in the way so it was not because we were slacking. Anyways, I am waiting in the airport to see my family so I now have time to update everyone on the awesomeness that was my past three weeks. This will be in the form of 7 posts: 6 about specific girls, 1 about general progress/thoughts. Be prepared.

Jumping into the first story: I had a multi-connection flight to Philadelphia three weeks ago. I was tired. But, I sat right behind these two cute Asian girls – I picked good seats. I start talking to them right off the bat. They were graduate students at a University close to where I was staying. We banter, they giggle, easy. At some point, I focus more on the one that I like (and the one that also seemed to be a bit more into me). She’s pretty shy, but when her friend fell asleep we exchanged numbers. When the flight got close to landing I tried seeding the pull. I wanted to see if we could all hang out at one of their places – I felt like there was genuine three-way potential. So I talked about how I think my host was not home (the flight landed early). Later I suggested we hang out / they take care of me / show me around because “I am but a silly lost boy.” It does not seem to get through. I ended up picking up my luggage after the flight and heading to my host’s house.

Later that night the one girl I exchanged numbers with texted me to see if I made it okay. At this point, I felt regret that I didn’t push a little harder because she seemed pretty down to hang out and was wondering where I went after the flight landed. Next time I need to stay in set longer even if it means being a chode. Luckily, this is not the end of the story. I needed to go grocery shopping (bulk cooking is lit) and so I invited her to join me the next day. She did. She was a bit surprised that I was actually grocery shopping (like straight up buying all the shit I need for the coming week). She was really shy throughout the whole date. At some point, she brought up that she got this new apartment for her parents who were flying in next week to see her graduation. Time to seed the pull mother fucker. I suggest that I help her unpack some boxes, organize her shit in there (I told her it satisfies me as an organized German boy to organize things) and that I need to see the view. We get into the apartment. Things got heated very slowly – like one of those crappy electric stoves. But like one of those crappy electric stoves, it barely gets hot at all for 10 minutes and then all of a sudden burns the shit out of you. When things got more physical she left to go to the bathroom and came back a new confident woman. It was insane. I actually did not think we’d get past first base that night because she was really shy and reserved. I think what had happened was that she became comfortable enough with me that she felt free to let go and have an amazing time. We end up “experiencing each other” and that was that. The moral of the story is to keep pushing forward in a way that makes the other person comfortable but offers space for things to happen. You’ll end up missing out on a lot of great sets that you may be unsure about if you don’t.


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