Mongolian Metro Miss

I must pardon myself for not posting more frequently the past few days. Today I spent time with my family since I am going back to America to work (I will barely get to see them till winter). Yesterday, I said bye to my high school friends. And the two days before those, I spent with a sassy Mongolian girl I met in the Metro last Friday (recall earlier posts). This post will be about that sassy Mongolian.

My text game before meeting her was basically how I would normally game: some witty banter/ teasing, questions, opening up about more personal parts of my life. I also monitored how much she would text me and how long it would take her to text back so that I would not send more than she did and I waited around the same amount of time to send a message back. So as the date nears I change our meeting location to McDonald’s close to where we originally planned to meet since they have free wifi and it is not too crowded. We had no problem finding each other at 9 pm. I have learned from my mistake from the night before.

I told her she’s my tour guide and that she has to show me her favorite part of Prague. She took me to this beautiful park in the center of the city. We walked around a bit then decided to buy a bottle of wine to share (she paid). We then go back to the park to find a chill place to sit. I tried to kiss her. She gave me the cheek. I did not let this phase me – I gave her a kiss on the cheek and continued talking. I could tell that me not caring sparked her interest like crazy. We ended up finding a place to sit and we continue our banter. I throw DLVs at her like “I’m a virgin” and “I’m super socially awkward and shy”, and obnoxious statements (that make me laugh) like “How does it feel to be around someone cooler than you”, “You’ve never met a guy like me”, “Yeah I’m short – it makes me more attainable”. All of these work like a charm if you say them because you find them funny – it communicates that you are carefree and high value (like who the fuck says these things unless they are high value). I balance this out by delving into some more personal things in my life, her life, and, in general, bouncing around a lot of topics. I also qualify her and compliment her when she does/says something I like. I also call her things like “my special Mongolian girl” and my “two-day cutie” (after we established we will hang out the next day and we probably won’t see each other after that because I’m heading to the US). While this is all going on, I build up some physicality. I play with her hair, put my arm around her, put her arm around me etc. We then decide to go to the river. As we are walking across the park to head to the river I pull her into a dark area under a tree (it is now around 11 pm) and I tell her to come towards me. She does a small shit test by waiting for me to try kissing her. But she ultimately slowly walks towards me as a stand strong, make laser eye-contact, and pull her by her hand slightly. We kiss.

We then decide to go to the river in Prague (one of my go-to mid-way points here). As we are walking across the park to head to the river I pull her into a dark area under a tree (it is now around 11 pm) and I tell her to come towards me. She does a small shit test by waiting for me to try kissing her. But she ultimately slowly walks towards me as a stand strong, make laser eye-contact, and pull her by her hand slightly. We kiss. She really starts kissing me. I stop her and we continue on our journey. So we walk to another small store to pick up some more drinks (we both have a high tolerance so it’s more of a formality than to get drunk – neither of us was tipsy at all). On the way to the river, we continue our witty banter and I pull her into corners and kiss her when I feel like it. When we get to the river I can tell she thinks I’m a god. She would grab my hand and put it around her waist Every time we would stop she would try to kiss me. We took a tram for two stops and she sat on my lap and put her boobs in my face (in a not so obvious way because other people were on the tram).

We ended up sitting down on a bench by the river. She wrapped her arms around me and sat on my lap. Then she started making out with me every chance she got. In between, she would tell me how she did not expect to like me this much and how amazing I am. The last time I had an experience like this is when I peaked in my pre-2017 game career (end of 11th grade) when I had pulled LF (the girl who became my first serious girlfriend). This is one of the reasons why I fucking got into the game: giving people such amazing experiences that they see you as the second coming of Christ. Anyways, we hook up there for a while and then I bring up her work (she’s a university student that works as a receptionist for an apartment building). I tell her she should show me it (she told me earlier that the reception is its own apartment). I did this because I’m living with family (the walls are thin) and so does she. So we go to the apartment block.

Outside the apartment block, we meet a tipsy Dutchman who needs some help. Since UN (the girl I’m with) is really nice, we help him out. While we’re helping him she keeps wrapping her arms around me, putting her head on my shoulder, and letting me grab her ass (when nobody was behind her I’d grab it bare and she didn’t care). After helping him we head into the apartment. We both use the bathroom and I set up the mood with some low lighting. We then start hooking up on the couch. Things escalate hella fast – she really wants me inside her. There’s a little resistance since she works there, but I joke that it will be our dirty little secret and that it’s sexy and funny. As soon as we were both in a position to have sex (and I had protection on – ALWAYS USE PROTECTION). She grabs my cock and puts it in her as fast possible – it was intense as fuck. We end up having sex twice on the couch where she works. Afterward, she says that we were not supposed to have sex (it was not planned) and I say the same thing. She then tells me she really liked it and that she’s glad she did it. This relieved me because I want to feel like I’m giving more than I take. We then walk back to the river – hand holding, making out, and cuddling ensue. After a bit of that, we call cabs, set up the next date, and head home.

We planned to meet up at a bar on Wednesday. She called me 10 minutes before to ask me if I could meet her at a different location because she has to pay bills for her family (end of the month so she could not do it any other time). I respond with “that’s fine, just make it up to me by buying me a drink”. It’s important to show that you aren’t phased by stuff like this, but also that you are not a push-over. We meet up, pay her bills, then head to the bar. She buys me a drink, we banter like before, we have a few more drinks, I escalate physically with her and then we head out to the river. We buy a bottle of wine and we head to a park on the other side of the river. We sit in a somewhat hidden part of the park, we drink, and we make-out (she’s on my lap again). She recalls that I said I don’t like blowjobs (honestly, unless the girl does it just right for me, I don’t) and so she wants to see if she can change my mind. We go to a more secluded part of the park and she goes down on me. Things get so heated that she decides she wants to lose her public-sex virginity with me and so we go back into town to buy condoms. She buys them. We head back. We go back to the same part of the park. I fuck her standing up for a good 15-25 minutes. She compliments me on how good it was and we begin cuddling a little since we have grown to like each other. She ends up buying me some food since we were both hungry and I was low on cash. We then go our separate ways. We still chat now and then – she told me how she told her friends (which she was excited to do) and how they cheered her on because she’s the most innocent one in the group. This made me really happy because it is obvious that she had such an incredible time because of me. It really opened my eyes to how much value I have to offer.

Those two days really exemplified my reasons for loving the game. I was able to express myself freely and was loved for it. I created an amazing experience for someone else and was treated, in return, like a god. I was hyper present – I was in a state of flow. I met a girl randomly on the metro that I really liked – proving to me that I can find girls I really like anytime and anywhere if my game is solid. This gives me the feeling of true abundance in my dating life (i.e. if something does not work out its fine since I can meet another amazing person within a week). The game is hard, but it just gives so much (proportionally to how much you put in).


+ Julien-esque self-amusement

+ Did not let her shit tests phase me (whether they really were shit tests or not)

+ pulled despite bad logistics

+ got a glimpse of how rewarding the game can be

+ strong eye contact

+ found the right balance of comfort and value to drive her head-over-heels for me


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