Malls as the Suburban Outlets of Game

As a suburban kid, I really don’t get exposure to the high density of people as I would in a city. The gym and mall really are the two places I can boil down to that offer the bare minimum of that density. Today was 3 malls and, with that, 3 sets.

At Short Hills Mall, I open a preppy looking brunette coming out of Express. I was even amazed at myself afterwards by the quick and second-nature reaction time I had to opening. I saw her, my brain processed the image as something I would like to engage in coitus with, and I approached. I open telling her “I like your style, holy shit” and then asking what she was up to. She was on a lunch break and seemed to be in a rush. When asking where she went to school and cold-reading her, she looked down at her phone and started to lose interest. She then walked away abruptly. I yelled, “Do you text” and she laughed and continued walking. Next time, a simple “Ey, two seconds. I want to see if you’re as cool as I think you are” would do the trick. If she’s in a rush, vibing less and cutting straight to the logistics and setting up the date would be smarter as well.

At Menlo Park Mall, I pass mixed and group sets but don’t open because I’m pressed on time. I blame my perfectionistic personality. If I’m pressed for time, a direct compliment, asking for logistics, and setting up the date can’t hurt. When there’s less time, minimize vibing and cut straight to logistics. On my way out, a fitness blonde chick walks into the mall. Fuck. I follow her back in, trail her for a few minutes, then opened from her side. She seemed flattered by my compliment but had no interest staying. I would have plowed but her face was eh. Next time, I should avoid opening from 90 degrees at all costs and open from behind at arms length or from the front. Starting conversation from the side scares the shit out of people.

At Bridgewater Mall, I’m on my way out and see a 2 set to my right. I walk past them and then turn around to direct open the blonde. Her name is Cat, is a dolphin trainer, and is 28. I address the friend, find out that they’re getting sushi, and start a really fun natural banter with Cat. I even help her with her order and tease her to get edamame and cucumber because it’s good for preventing heart disease. I’m happy with my shameless vibe and willingness to walk away but wished I had solidified a date before leaving. She refused to give me her number and instead took mine. I’ll most likely never hear from her again. Solidify a date time and location before leaving the set.


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    • Opening in different environments
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    • Play to win, motherfucker

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